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Oh my god. 

gurl im gone

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but there are talks of an all-female version of “The Expendables”

Think of a number over zero, and multiply it by the number of particles in the universe: that’s how many times I will watch this movie.


Zoë Bell  is a New Zealand stuntwoman and actress. Some of her most notable stunt work includes doubling for Lucy Lawless on Xena: Warrior Princess and for Uma Thurman in Kill Bill

As an actress, she has appeared both on television and in feature films and also starred in the web series Angel of Death. Other works include : Oblivion, Death Proof, Kill Bill, Gamer, Inglorious Bastards, Whip It! and Django Unchained.

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they’re so CUTE

If Lupita is the real life Disney Princess, can Jennifer be the real life quirky side kick?


Even the “pulling the dress up” part is accurate

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This video has no where near the amount of views it should